Vehicle rentals

At the present time I have more students than I have available seats in a vehicle. Does anyone have any ideas on renting a large van? I’ve checked all the local rental companies and no luck. I need 8 additional seats besides the driver and the van I have access to only seats the driver plus 6. We are from SD and are traveling to the Midwest Regional in Chicago. I realize I could simply go with another vehicle but I only have myself and one other adult chaperon and would prefer everyone in the same vehicle.

I know down in Ft. Lauderdale the rental car places by the airport have like 14 person passanger vans. When i was on 710 those are the ones we used to rent. If you have a major airport around you, thats were i would check.

Check with your school district first, though.

In South Carolina, it’s illegal to transport K-12 students in a 15-passenger van (Ford E-series, Chevy Express, etc.). (This was after a student was killed in a wreck involving a private school’s van years ago.)

However, I’m not sure if that rule applies for other states bringing their students here (such as a slew of high school robotics kids coming to Columbia for Palmetto).

It is getting very difficult to find and rent vans bigger than 8 passenger.
Insurance issues because of some major accidents, as indicated above.

When you can find a 15 passenger, they are usually 3x the cost of an 8,
so it is cheaper to get 2 smaller ones, anyway.

If you still want big, try Ace Renta A Car, Enterprise, or Budget Truck Rental.

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