Velcro rope

Hello. Our team is using Velcro for our climber and we are thinking about bringing our own rope with Velcro on it. Could someone please share with us how to make a Velcro rope please? Thank you so much.

We just sew loop side fabric Velcro to climbing webbing.

Make sure the velcro you buy is non adhesive.

Start here at ChiefDelphi and search “velcro”, “velcro rope”, etc.

Check the Firstinspires Q&A:

Make sure all loops, knots and retaining features meet the requirements of section 104 of the rules:

Hello Tony. Mentor Mac here. Just off of inspecting week one at Battlefield High School. Take a one inch or 3/4 inch wide strap and sew Velcro to it. It must be sewn. What every length you want.

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If you have the hook side of hook and loop wrapped around your winch, you don’t really need a “velcro” rope. We had a great deal of success this past weekend using braided nylon rope that would stick very well to the hook part. Just take a sample of your hook to the hardware store and lightly brush it against various ropes until you find something that works.

+1 to this. It worked perfectly for us at Northern Virginia.

Make sure you are not using “velcro” with any adhesive applied by the manufacture. Avoiding adhesive at all costs would be the best bet.
Our team sewed some velcro we found onto a 2 inch ratchet strap and folded it over with a piece of quarter inch rope in the middle to prevent binding between our spool and frame.
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Certain kinds of Velcro or Velcro-like fastener stick very well to certain kinds of ropes, even without Velcro patches on them. Give them a shot, you’ll be surprised what works out well.

Use this on the rope (we used a 1in wide strap and just folded it over the one side and sewed it in place), and this on the robots winch.

Also, an interesting thing we observed: If your winch is not flexible (like many have been designed to be to allow the rope to get some initial wraps before the weight of the robot pulls on it), try running your winch “up” relative to the direction you approach the rope from. For us we found that this allowed the rope to get a lot more adhesion to the winch before the full robot weight was on it.