Velcro to pick up trackball

Now I have an idea I would likke to share. My team won’t use it so I’m throwing it out there. What if you used velcro? Won’t that stick to the fabric? If so can’t you just have some on your robot so that you can pick it up??? So simple… can it be true? I don’t know my team won’t let me check. By the way you may have noticed that I’m not registered as somebody on a team but that is because my team doesn’t want me to mess up and make them look like fools.

i think its against the rules to use velcro

Ponderous, at some point every team in FIRST has “looked like a fool”. :slight_smile: You’re SUPPOSED to be asking questions, how else will you learn? You can feel comfortable asking questions of your peers here in this forum.

However, be sure that you’re familiar with all the rules that appear in the Game Manual - there may be a section that talks about using a velcro-like substance with the ball - I suspect it might damage the surface and usually that is prohibited, but that’s just my opinion. *

Next, check the Question and Answers (Q&A) forums to see if another team has already asked this question of the game design committee. If you don’t see the question, post it there to get the official response. Never trust an answer found here on Chief Delphi as being “official” - always check with the game design committee. The link to the Q&A should be posted soon at:

Good luck this season!*

What are you trying to pick up? The trackballs are covered with smooth nylon fabric and won’t stick to either the hook or loop side of velcro. About the only thing you’d be able to get the velcro to stick to would be the carpet, and you certainly won’t be picking that up.

Yeah, I don’t know about velcro. It often seems like robots that use a sticky/suction mechanisms never end up being very reliable on the field. Plus, velcro is not the strongest material ever. I think you’d need a lot of it for it to work well. However, I do think it could be used to aid gripping a smooth surface.

Suppose it did stick. How do you let it go?

This sounds a lot like our team using the suction cup last year.
That sure didn’t work.

Simple, u would thrash violently from side to side until it feel off. But yeah, velcroe won’t stick to this, Its like a boat sail material.

I was thinking the same thing but won’t fit so we might uses :eek: claws of death :eek: . LOL kidding but whatever.

your team feels very oppressive. but i tried that today with velcro lying around. The canvas is what would best be described as waterproof, not fluffy like what is required for Velcro. final verdict: tried, tested, failed.

Seriously? What possible harm could there be? Goodness, I cannot imagine such a team!

We found a very cheap “grippy” material to use inside our pincers on our robot last year and it really works without causing any damage. I’m not sure how it will work on the track ball.

There is a rubbery type matt used under rugs to keep them from sliding or under table cloths to keep them from sliding off. It comes in rolls. Some people use them to line tool boxes. It only costs a couple of bucks at Walmart. Try it out. You will find it in the table linens section.

when all else fails use duck tape, lol

but on another note does anyone know that those sticky stretchy rubbery hand toys are made of and can said material be bought in bulk, cuz I’m thinking air gun with sticky rubber grappling hook

duct tape is not allowed. We learned that in 2006.:smiley:

all of this is irrelevent in that velcro is illegal except when used to anchor wires

I don’t think so. Can you give a rule citation for that?

Dave Lavery and AL clarify that here.

Yup. Check tthe “THE ROBOT” section of your Bible. I belive its one of the first rules in the “<R>” section

That is untrue. You cannot use it to gain traction on the carpet, but pretty much any other use is allowed.

It is also viewed aas a material that can be harmful to game pieces (ie: canvas TrackBall covers)