I tried to find the rule (or lack of) regarding the use of Velcro in the game docs with no luck. Anyone know if its use is restricted/prohibited?

I think it depends on the application. Yes velcro can be used, many teams use it for the side panels of there robots (we do). However if you are using the velcro to try to pick up the balls, if the velcro damages the balls then it would not be allowed or would need to be modified so that it does not damage the balls.


There shouldn’t be a problem with using velcro on a conveyor system. As long as the velcro doesn’t rip anything off of the moon rocks. :smiley:

And as long as it doesn’t visibly disturb the fabric bands, which would also be considered doing damage to field elements. Bottom line: be very sure that your Velcro won’t harm the moon rocks, and be prepared to demonstrate it.

Speaking of velcro, has anybody seen/heard of velcro being used at the alliance stations to hold down the drivers stations like last year?

One of the first things we did was try different materials on the balls to see how they stick, and we noticed that velcro hooks appear to damage the material on the balls, so we didn’t consider it for ball handling.

We are using a few pieces of Velcro, one for our electronics box cover retainer, another for holding the wireless router thingy on the robot.

We also tried it as an assitance on our conveyor system, and found it to be very good. No disturbance to the ball. Perhaps we are using a very small amount. We also saw that there can be various strengths of velcro.

Yes the velcro strips will be there.