Velox 5050 Feeds and Speeds

We have a new Velox 5050 with the 4kW Italian spindle. We’re trying to find a good recipe for aluminum. Can anyone share some feeds and speeds for this setup?


and the mother of that thread

Team 95 highly recommends G-Wizard, fairly inexpensive paid software

We have a laguna swift 4x4 with a 3kw spindle

We do 15-16k RPM and 20-25 IPM with a 1-flute .125" endmill, full slot .0625" depth of cut. WD-40 as coolant to prevent chips from sticking

I hear people can do a lot more, but this works for us until we can experiment some more

We run our velox at 100ipm most of the time. 6mm endmill with a .11 WOC, .25 DOC, 22500RPM, 10° ramp, for the pocketing operation.
For the outer contours we stick to .0825-0925 DOC, 24K RPM, and 100ipm.
We mist with a 1 parts rubbing alcohol and 6 parts water mixture

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