Velox closed?

We were looking for a new CNC router but…

Email we got today

Due to the pandemic, It is with deep sorrow to inform you that VELOX CNC has closed its doors permanently.

Well crap.

So who should we get quotes from?

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Tormach just came out with a smaller router this year that’s really nice as well.


It’s hearsay, but I hear it said that Avid CNC make good machine kits at a lower cost than most North American importers:

There are a ton of previous threads on the subject, such as:

I was going to suggest avid. I have heard good things about them too (but don’t have any direct experience). There are a lot of YouTube videos of people with avid cncs so you might check those out.

Here’s the Tormach. It’s probably more expensive, but we’ve had amazing service from Tormach for our mill, so I’m inclined to trust them:

Swyft robotics also imports these Omio routers, which are popular (or they can be bought directly from the company in China):

This machine is for our machine trades class so it needs to be robust. Not really looking for the cheapest solution but one that will be reliable and somewhat easy to learn. Also looking for a large cut area.

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ShopSabre highly recommended then. Maybe a little biased there (they’re like a 15 minute drive from us) but I’d take a look at their offerings.


Are there specific specs you’re looking for? I know robustness is important - what about bed size, potential addons (ATC, additional axis, vacuum system, etc.)?

CAMaster and Techno would be some ones to look at as well. We have a Techno that is more than 20 years old, and it’s a great machine. I know they’ve gone through some changes over the years, so I’m not too familiar with the current offerings, but I haven’t heard any negatives. I have heard plenty of Laguna horror stories, just so you’re informed.

Awwww, now I am sad…


That’s unfortunate.

One alternative that I really like is ShopBot.


We use a ShopSabre here at AndyMark. It has MANY hours on it. I greatly regret not buying the automatic tool changer.

Scott, if you wish to see it, I am sure that Jon K. would love to give you a tour.

Andy B.

What material(s) are primarily being cut in your class? Are you looking for something that can be dual-purposed for FRC, or is it a standalone machine for your classes?

May take you up on that.

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Those are good questions. Obviously my need is for FRC but our class finally has a teacher who cares (also a mentor) and is moving towards a manufacturing based education. There are many places in town that have a huge need for employees who have a basic education and a willingness to learn more.

It will be mostly cutting aluminum, polycarb, Delrin, wood and the like. The welding class has a new plasma table (Covid was rough on that piece of equipment) so no real need for steel.

We currently have a Hass that he is figuring out and we are getting a CNC lathe from Vincennes University.

If Aluminum and FRC usage are part of its workload, I’d stick towards the brands suggested. There may be other options for routers that would primarily be used with wood (such as Shapeoko and other belt-driven solutions), but try to stick with ball screws for aluminum work if you can.

Given that you’ll be switching between materials, you may also want to look into investing in a decent dust/chip collection system to help clear as many chips as possible. Coolant soaked metal shavings left behind from the previous job don’t exactly lead to good finishes on woodwork afterwards, for instance.

I’m sorry I’m a little out of the big router game and have no suggestions for the OP.

I just sent a thank you email to the owner of Velox thanking them for all they have done to help the FRC community and I was legitimately tearing up a little while writing it. I guess I never really realized just how much I admired their product and customer support. Dang, I think I might actually be sad about this all evening.


Sad to hear this. We received our Velox VR5050 last October - but due to Covid restrictions were not able to build the table until this January (2021). The electrician wired in our 3 phase and hooked up the router yesterday.

Sad to hear that this company is folding. The machine is incredible - and the owners have been very helpful getting our machine up and running.

832 has a 30’ x 48’ “ezRouter” that has given us great service. Not inexpensive but robustly built, and used for the ‘technology ed’ class so it sees some abuse. We got the 2kw(?) spindle option and it cuts even aluminum with ease.

223 has their Scorpion model at least 7 years and is also very pleased with it.

Couple of useful things to look for in a CNC:

  • Can it use a corner touch plate?

  • Can the controller use G68 (rotation)?

The combination of these two will allow you to reposition a work piece such as flipping, and continue a second milling operation. The touch plate is also useful for measuring the angle a part is rotated from the X or Y axis and using the G68 to rotate the code to the exact angle necessary to mill the part true.

We have built our own CNC which uses Mach 3 and it can easily do this.
We have both an Axiom AR8-Pro, and a Baileigh WR-84V which can NOT do either.
The Axiom and the Baileigh use a Chinese controller instead of an actual computer.
Side note : I think learning to use Mach 3 / 4 will greatly enhance the understanding of CNC, and would be useful for students interested in pursuing a machining path.

Hope this is helpful.
Sample controller and touch plate: