Velox CNC Router - How to wire a touch probe

I am totally bummed about Velox going out of business!

Our team was looking to add a touch probe for the Z-axis.
Has anybody done this?
If “yes” then how did you wire it?

This is my best guess

Pinging @RoboChair

1678 has a touch probe on our Velox, Devin should know where it plugs in. We can also check in our shop later today if Devin doesn’t know.


Oh… I have to slave it to the X-axis limit switch and share the port for doing 2 things. When you are zeroing the X axis you don’t need the probe and when you are touching off tools you do not need to know if the X axis is at home.

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Just don’t let the students forget where the ends are dangling on the touch probe when you zero the router. That one stumped me a couple of times for a bit until I noticed the touch probe was in contact with the alligator clip

This post has some potentially helpful advice (though not the details you asked about).

Thanks for letting me know how you solved the touch probe feedback issue.
It is an ingenious solution.