Velox vacuum table

Does anyone have experience with the velox vacuum table? I want to know if it is good enough to replace a hold down system like clamps and screws. Mainly would only a vacuum table have the strength to produce gearbox plates while not sacrificing accuracy.


But for real, a vacuum table’s effectiveness will depend on how much vacuum the pump can pull as well as the surface area of the part being held down. This will also be impacted by the feed and speeds you are running as well as the geometry of the endmill.

All that said I would go with no, you will not get the results you want.

The painter tape and super glue hold down technique is what we (FRC:2714) use and have been really happy it.

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You will never effectively be able to hold down a FRC style gearbox plate with a vacuum table. There is far too little surface area.


Would a vacuum table help prevent bowing of plates in addition to clamps?

We have a velox and went and toured their shop and spoke with their team before purchasing. Even their team does not recommend a vaccuum table for cutting aluminum. I think your money is better served on a dual motor y axis, smart steppers, tooling and work holding.

Also skip the grease blocks as well… they are absolutely terrible and were a waste of money