Vending Machine

This is a thread on another forum I’m a member of. Thought I’d try it on here. Basically what you do is you put in a coin and see what the person below you gives you.

For example: puts in coin
you get a puppy

Or something like that. So I’ll start.

Puts in coin

I’ll play.

Gets a can of soda.

Puts in coin

Doesn’t get anything because the coil machine doesn’t turn far enough…

Puts in coin

Gets a coin

Puts in coin

Gets another email from that nigerian buisnessman.

puts in coins

You get a rocket:P


machine doesnt accept coinage ->you get a small slip of paper telling you to remember to bring real coins!

puts in coin

you get 3 balls of Pinball

+puts in coin*

you get a 2003 participation medal :stuck_out_tongue:

puts in two coins

You get a hot, sticky, and stale Snickers bar that has been sitting in the machine for several years. Yumm…

Puts in coin…

You get 50 tickets for Chuck E Cheese.

Puts in coin

Gets a free movie ticket to Indiana Jones.

puts in coin

Gets another green dot.

puts in coin

gets a vending machine

puts in coin

you get a rocket!:rolleyes: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

puts in coin

the coin gets stuck, you get poorer.

puts in a coin

You get a clue for next years game.
Puts in coin

I get a Latin-English dictionary teleported to me so I can find out what “Ad astra!” means. You get your coin back in the little box.


you get a deflated trackball

inserts 100 coins

You receive 100 opportunities to be a better person and/or make a difference. Don’t waste them.

inserts a coin