Vending Machine

  • you get some exploding bacon :ahh:

puts in coin

you get an out of order message.

fixes machine, then puts in coins

You get spare parts

Puts in coin

Gets same coin back (Didn’t fix it…darn)

puts in coin

Doesn’t get coin back at all (coin slot’s now jammed- Sorry Don)


That coin is now also stuck… (the slot is still jammed)

Uses a paper clip to unjam slot, and puts the two coins back in.

You get nothing, you forgot to plug the machine in. :rolleyes:

Plugs in machine, puts in coin.

You still get nothing. You forgot to refill the machine :smiley:
puts in coinage

You get a fluffy pink teddy bear (you didn’t say you were refilling the machine- I gave you the benefit of the doubt. but I decided what we were filling it with…)

I refill the machine with things that are not ultra-feminine.


Wow…this one is no fun…

You get a razorblade.


you get jumper cables

put coin in

you get a rabid French poodle :smiley:

puts coin in slot

ask for banana, get bottled water


Gets a banana???


Gets chilled M&Ms


Gets a sweaty gym sock…gross…

Puts a coin in

Receives te other sweaty gym sock :ahh:

puts coin in slot

Receives a hog covered in warts.


Recieves a Golden Coin that single handedly makes you the richest person in the world.


Receives a clonk on the head - it was The Golden Coin that was put in…