Because the first regional is only 36 days away, and you said that you are planning to close each event a few days before it happens, any idea/rumor/thought bounceing in the head as to when your going to begin it? :slight_smile:

(whee… me can wait :wink: )


I thought of this earlier today, then got sidetracked.

I will load up the events this weekend. Betting will open 1-2 weeks before the first even. I have to finalize a Pay Day schedule/amounts & initial deposit amount as well.

Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

A 5-point deposit per match then a minimum of 2 points bet on a team winning Top Seed/Top Rookie Seed/Chairmans/Competition Winner/Innovative Award/Best Controll.

give everyone starting credits again, since most people used all thiers for the game guessing, and lost them all

Yeah… what happens when we run out?

I can’t wait to get playing, this will be a whole lot of fun real soon.

All banks will be returned to a set amount. (the default starting bank for anybody who ends up signing up).

I started adding a few events for the first set of regionals. There are 2 per regional so far, I will be adding alot more loosely based on the Awards PDF found on

If you run out of money, you will have to wait until the next Pay Day, and at that time everybodies bank will get X points deposited. I haven’t come up with either the starting amount or the payday amounts. I will publish those shortly.

In the sites FAQ (upper right) I made a section for Ventures. I should re-read it, and clarify anything, just in case its changed since I wrote that.

Anyway – Im going to sleep now… expect a bunch more events per regional by next week.

Betting for the first set of regionals is opening on Feb 20th. That gives you 2 weeks to bet/research/etc. Betting will close the Tuesday before the weekend of the event, so you have a day or two before travelling to look at the standings & such.

Could you add something so that when we goto our profile it will will tell us our balance? Or even have a link to the transaction page from the profile so you dont have to go through the ventures section.

Or have a way so that from the transactions page you can click on a current bet and see the odd and such for that catagory…

Just some ideas.

I think I could work out something like that soon…

keep up the good work!

could someone explain how exactly odds work, or refer an uninformed person like myself to a site which explains them. For example, i placed a bet and it told me that the odds were 33/6. This means absolutely nothing to me, any help would be greatly appreciated.


theres ‘some’ info in the FAQ about Ventures.

If you win, heres the formula used:
( 1 + [ODDS * (1/x^x)] ) * BET

x = # of outcomes.

(multiple outcome example: quarter-finals & semi-finals have 12 & 24 outcomes)

Hey brandon…
I was doing some more betting today and i came up with another idea…what if as the top choice on the list of teams there was a ‘your team’ section so you could bet on yourself. And if i remeber correctly team # was a required field when i signed up. So maybe you chould just recall that and have it bet on ourselves rather then having to go through the whole list of teams.

*Originally posted by oneangrydwarf *
Or have a way so that from the transactions page you can click on a current bet and see the odd and such for that catagory…

Any bets from now on will show up in your transaction as a link to that event detail.

is there any way to make it so the old bets are linked too?

Not without moderate work on my part, which I don’t feel like doing. I think I gave a good enough description for you to navigate back & find the events.

I added some stats to the bottom of the Ventures home page. Number of participating users, bets, and total number of points wagered.

Oh – and in case people didn’t see – more events opened up for betting today. Check 'em out.

What is the time frame for opening and closing event betting? (i.e., how many days before each regional can you bet)

They are listed on each regional (category) page, and also the detail page.
The detail page has a countdown to these dates, along with the option to receive e-mail notification when these events happen.

In most cases they open about 2 weeks before the event, and close about 2 days before the event.

When will the results from the first weekend be entered?

Since bidding closes tomorrow at 6pm for this weekend’s events, I’m waiting until 8pm tonight for FIRST to update their official standings. If they aren’t updated by 8pm, I will go looking at the scouting websites (SOAP, WASH, & whatever else I find) and I will use those results to fill in the winning Ventures data.

So tonight, hopefully by 9pm, the winners should get their points.