So, the year is over. Ventures went off pretty good, in my opinion, but we always want to make it ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ for next year.

So, with that said – who’s got ideas?

What did you like about it this year?
What didn’t you like about it?
What should be added?
What should we get rid of?

We’re just looking for any and all suggestions …

I’d like to see some way where you could bet on a teams performance in general. You would get points based on said team’s rank, any awards they won, and how well they did in elimination rounds(if they made it there). The payout would have to be less than what you’d get for betting more specifically, but it would still be nice to have. Otherwise I say good job, it was much fun :).

One suggestion i would make would be competition specific team lists, just so that you dont have to school through all the teams in the drop down for the team you want to bet on. It would be a pain but you could probably write some kind of script to crawl the first site and get the team lists for each competition.

Also they payouts could be more timely, I know its alot of work and there isn’t much you could do if FIRST didn’t post the results but maybe have people at the competitions keeping track of the information and then relay it back to Brandon.

Also the bug that was found after nationals in the payouts kinda sucked. Since if i remeber correctly it would have caused bigger payouts on the earlier events.

Another idea would be to have ways of earning Venture points for betting. Like if you post white papers you would get venture points or that kind of thing. As an incentive for people to do things to help out the FIRST community.

how bout some offseason ventures? :smiley:


Lets use Monopoly money!

We have to place our odds ~5 days before hand. We send all to Brandon, and he pays out to who won! Haha, wouldn’t that be great?

But I liked it the way it is (just try to catch the errors earlier! :D)

*Originally posted by Cory *
**how bout some offseason ventures? :smiley:

Cory **

That will happen, I’ve got to get it all set up for that. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve already got events for PARC and im sure David or someone from the IRI people will give me IRI events to add. Any other off-season organizers who want their events in Ventures should give me a list of who will be attending, and what events they want.


But – I’m just now noticing that the PARC is today. Thats going to be hard to get the events in & have people vote on them… so… yeah. Scratch that.