Venturi Vacuum Generators

Is it legal to use a venturi style vacuum generator, I have read rules and I believe they fall under pneumatic devices. It would be operated off of 60 psi. So it would fit that rule. We would not be using a vacuum pump so it would not have any of the Motor rules apply. We are going to turn on/off the device by using a solenoid so I feel that would not be an issue.
Am I looking at this correct?
Venturi valves (note: the high-pressure side of a Venturi valve is considered a pneumatic device and must
follow all pneumatic rules. The vacuum side of a Venturi valve is exempt from the pneumatic rules per “a” in
the Blue Box below).
The following devices are not considered pneumatic devices and are not subject to pneumatic
rules (though they must satisfy all other rules):
a. a device that creates a vacuum
b. closed-loop COTS pneumatic (gas) shocks
c. air-filled (pneumatic) wheels
d. pneumatic devices not used as part of a pneumatic system (i.e. used in a way that does not
allow them to contain pressurized air)

R84M applies to venturi style vacuum generators. So yes they are legal. They consume a lot of air though. The rule was updated on update 2 to better clarify this.

I’m pretty sure they’re legal, but venturis need a lot of flow to operate. Even a small venturi can consume 1-2 CFM (cubic feet per minute). For comparison , the Viair compressor only pumps .25 CFM @ 60 psi. So you’d need to run the compressor 1-2 minutes for only 15 seconds of venturi operation.

Will you need vacuum for most of the match, or just intermittently?

Thanks, We found a device that will stop flow of air once vacuum is achieved then will kick back on when the seal is broken. Thanks for the input

Venturis can be operated at lower pressures then 60psi. Put in a dedicated regulator so you can optimizr the pressure (flow) used. This will save from WAISTING flow and compressor time. Also VOLUME equals response time. Minimize the amount of tubing and manifold volumes to prevent slow response time and waste.