Verification on Competition Rules

Im just double checking (nothing wrong w/ double checking), does the team website have to be 100% original script and content or can it have outside coding (example a team forum).


if your doing if for the web site award i would think having a forum on it would be a positive thing b/c that means your team is aiming to help struggling teams by answering questions posted by the teams. basically what CD does.

For website award scoring view rule 8.8 -

if your just doing it to have a website for the team you may put whatever you wish on your site pertaining to FIRST and your robotics team :cool:

Here’s my take:

If it’s a feature ONLY your team will use (ex: forum for intra-team communication, e-mail frontend for web e-mail, etc.) I don’t think it’s a big deal to have outside scripting, BUT if it’s a feature that is usually accessed by the public (ex: content management system, news display system, picture gallery, etc.) I believe that is unacceptable.

That’s just the way I feel it should be judged. If your team only uses that feature for your team, then I’m not sure why anyone else would care (judges included).

on the other hand, if you took an open-source system, such as PHPBB, and integrated it into the rest of your site, instead of just linking to it, that might be seen as an effort to add additional functionality that you would otherwise not have time to implement, and thus effective use of resources and time, as well as good intent.

On the other hand, the truth is you only say that because that is what you did. I personally don’t see a fluid transition going on there anyways.

I’m not saying anything about our site… i don’t expect it to be in the competitive range and it’s more functional than competitive. Being from a school of 300 total, our team is usually hard-pressed to build the robot, let alone a website. please do not insinuate that I interpret the rules simply to give my team an advantage - I was simply giving my insight on a particular person’s question. If I planned to make the team website for a competition, I would already be working on a new design and backend for it. The “truth” is, however, I’m not. We have a robot to build.

Have a good day.

i read over the rules again, and as far as i can tell it doesn’t really mention anything in this regard. (of course its 1:38 in the morning so I might be overlooking something)

I’m going to say in my opinion, design features should be original but say scripting code like certain php or javascript can be implemented into your site, again thats just my take.

I believe that the intent is that the the “STUDENTS” was whatever tools are available to them. The student designers need to be able to explain how their code works and how to make adjustments.
The majority of web sites are coded with WYSIWYG programs. They generate code. Will the judges expect an expliniation beyond that? Idon’t believe so. If that were the case we all would be using notepad, which isn’t going to happen.
I believe however that a simple HTML verification test will be performed and that will be important.

First of all, I was merely joking in my post. Maybe I should have put a :slight_smile: at the end to convey this, but now that you’ve got it started…

How does that give your team an advantage in any way shape or form? Your interpretation has null impact on the judges interpretation. And I find it silly to go through the whole process of creating a website to not (and you’ve already done) stick a FIRST logo on it and send it in. It’s worth a shot and even 80 points will get you a nice award to stuff on your site next year. Even if you dont

So before this turns into a flame war can we just have this conversation.

nafetS: Sorry I sounded like a jerk, I meant to make a joking comment and it came out wrong.
Deltacoder: NP man, it just offended me at first.
nafetS: Oh, I understand. We cool?
Deltacode: Ya we cool.
<High 5>

Man does robotics rule.

sure thing. you have to remember that forums are really bad on the “devoid of emotion” thing, so one has to infer intent from what is said, which is this case seemed like an offense.

ya, we’re cool :wink:

Can i get a someone to just put it simply that yes i can use third party programming or no?

Seriously thanks for all the info but what your telling me is something i know myself but it wasnt answering the question i had earlier.

I read the rules and it did not state in my opinion whether or not the site had to be originally coded. I already check it, (therefore i was doublechecking)

Its just hard when your presssed for time to have to sort out through info that doesnt pertain to the question.

So if someone out there can answer if i can use third party coding (such as PHPBB, etc.) or if it has to be original, then can you answer my question first at the top, then if you wish to continue onwards then that is fine with me.

if you want a definitive answer you’re going to have to check with FIRST. we’re only stating what we think the rule is, and we’re hesitant to provide a straight “yes” or “no” because we are not the authority on the subject.

I have checked with first, i am double checking w/ you guys. I am looking for a definiative answer, not suggestions on this thread. This I would beleive that the FIRST community can deliver.

If i am mistakened then my appologies.

If you’ve checked with FIRST, then what more is there to ask. That is THE definitive answer, and our “suggestions” are nothing more than that. If you want your site to be legitimate (rule-wise) then you have to follow FIRST’s rules. If you don’t care/don’t want it to be legitimate, then there’s nothing stopping you from putting just about anything (yes, there ARE certain boundaries) on your website. Am I insane?

From my understanding FIRST did not clearly specify, but other threads state that it called for original coding, which is the reasoning behind me asking to begin with, with the assumption that because it was not stated that it was neither right or wrong.

Okay I’m getting really sick of this type of thread…

so, once and for all I’ll go over the rules.

Section 8.8 - Website Design Awards
The Website Design Award recognizes excellence in student-designed, built, and managed FIRST team websites.

Now, last time I checked that didn’t say “either student-designed AND built, or just built” nor did it say “student or third-party programmer” NOR “student and the rest of the open-source community.” It says STUDENT.

As in, team member, high school’er, student. It’s not that hard.

They’re using a return to simpler rules so it’s not so complicated. To me, it’s not that hard. The students have to do everything. Design, build, and manage.

I don’t mean to come off as stupid, evil, or mean, but that’s the way I feel. Now, if you integrate a SMALL script that doesn’t impact the functionality of the site (such as a script to list the most recent posts on your forums in a portal you made or something) then I see that as being OK if you learn from it and write your own or you atleast study and properly integrate the code. I think what they’re saying in the rules is that they don’t want a team to crank out a phpNuke site, have their mentor make a skin for it, and say “Hey look what we made!”

The purpose of FIRST (in every aspect) is to learn and inspire. The 3-D animation, Inventor, website awards, etc. are no different. If you just crank our a pre-made script and only learn how to click the “Install phpBB” button then that’s not doing things in the spirit of FIRST.

[Please note this is only directed as people competing. If you plan to simply use your site as a means of intra-team communication, then go for it. I completely understand using pre-made scripts for that]


W00t to the 100% student coded sites! Though when I finally get around to writing a forum, that’s gonna be a turd. But I have to agree with that interpretation of the rules, primarily because it benefits me most, and secondly because it makes sense. Then again as long as the front end looks different, there is no way they would know (not to be a rule-breaker) and most sites will just remove the “third party label” link and you’d be none the wiser because most forum mods are so obscure it’s impossible to keep up with.

Thanks, i was looking for that kind of verification.