Vermont's First FRC Event: Ice Cream Social! 🍦

Green Mountain Robotics 9101 and iBots 2370 are excited to announce Ice Cream Social: Vermont’s first FRC event, taking place on September 16 at UVM’s Patrick Gym in Burlington. It’ll be a great opportunity to compete with other NE teams and help introduce many Vermonters to FIRST for the first time. We hope it won’t be too toasty in September, but that’s what the free ice cream is for!

Registration (which is free!) and more info can be found at!


Hmm… cost of gas (and time) for a 4-hour-each-way road trip (:moneybag::oncoming_automobile: :money_with_wings:), vs. getting free ice cream (:icecream::ice_cream::shaved_ice:). This is much more tempting than it really ought to be…


Looks like a good time! Hope you guys have a lot of ice cream. If only I wasn’t all the way in Virginia…

Can’t wait! Go Vermont!


3986 Express-O from Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada has signed up making it an International Event!


Yeah, when I was looking at the map to see just how out of the way it’d be to drive, I was thinking that the teams & volunteers and such on the other side of the border may just be closer in general than ones in New England are. Glad to see that it will in fact be an international event.

Still working on figuring out whether the ice cream will be worth the trip. If you’re low on volunteers, an extra scoop or so may be all I need in order to be convinced to come up there. :slight_smile:


We’d love to have you volunteer! And rumor has it, volunteers get extra ice cream :eyes:


Ice Cream Social’s volunteer registration is now live! If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out our registration form!

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Excited for this to happen!!! Make sure it does by signing up your team! (remember the free ice cream)

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Do you have any ideas for cheap lodging/camping in the area? We would love to come since we’re having a hard time finding an offseason that works for our schedule this year but we’d be coming 4.5 hours (Maine) to get there and would really need to get there Friday night to get any sleep.


Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, Ice Cream Social has been canceled due to not having enough signups. Thank you for all the interest and support over these past few months, and we hope we can bring this back next year!