Verrf 2020

Hi everyone. We are going to participate at (V)ERRF 2020 again this year its virtual - hence the “V”. Here is the link
Its the biggest 3D printing show on the East Coast and there are plenty or 3DP Vendors and creators there showing off their new stuff and this year as its virtual due to COVID its just a mouse click away. I will post a link to our video entry after it premiers on oct. 11th at 2:33 pm on the live stream. So if you are a 3DP geek this might be of interest


Verrf is an intriguing name

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Its Oct 10 and 11 and as soon as I figured discord out enough I will post some links here to get to our booth/channel So whoever is so inclined can stop by, say hi or ask questions etc.

ERRF stamds for East coast Rip Rap Festival and usually is probably the biggest 3D Printing Show on the US East coast. Only this year its the VERRF wtih the V meaning Virtual as big gatherings are still out here due to COVID. Now Team 1989 is showing off our stuff there and we are also hoping to maybe pick up a sponsor or 2 or more lol. The show is on Oct 10th and 11th. So here is our official invite

Out channel will be “manned” on those 2 days and sporadically before that as its “live” already and we are messing around to get familiar with the system. So with the above link you are signing in as our guests so we would hope you keep the rules of the land - no foul languate - nothing rude or provocative of a political, religious, sexist, racist etc etc nature. This is a family friendly event and will be visited by young and old but if last year is any indication - a lot of middle and high schoolers. So please behave apropriately

Our video

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