Versa planetary ratchet spring failure

Hi everyone, this is our teams first year using the versa planetary ratchet slice and we’ve run into what appears to be a failure of the pawl spring.

Our current configuration is a 775 pro with a 70:1 reduction followed by an encoder and lastly the ratchet slice. The pawl is tied off to a string attached to a pancake cylinder.

The ratchet wasn’t working and when we pulled apart the gearbox we found the spring to be permanently deformed and slightly shorter than a new spring.

So my questions has anyone see this happen before?
We possibly suspect either a shock load when our winch drum was crushed, or over compression from the pancake cylinder.

Secondly does anyone know of any prevention techniques? Possibly a more robust spring replacement than the one that comes with the kit?

Any advice is greatly appreciated as our 1st District Event is this weekend.


First, the ratchet slice should be immediately after the motor to minimize the force on it.

However, we’ve also had problems with the spring and we’ve moved to using a Servo that can push and pull the latch so we don’t rely on the spring.

We no longer have the spring installed.

In a commercial winch they use a torsion spring to prevent this exact failure mode.

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Thanks for the reply, we will definitely rearrange the order of our slices.

When you removed the spring did you drive with the pall engaged, or just engage the pall at the end of your climb?

We have a button that allows the operator to engage our at any point. Otherwise we leave it disengaged except on the final winch-in step.

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