Versablock tolerance issues

We ordered 8 sets of the clamping Versablock kits from vex. we ordered one set of 4 before the season and another 4 after kickoff. When we started assembling everything we noticed that the screws didn’t line up very well. When we pulled them apart and held them up together they were off a considerable amount. The holes visually did not line up and we tried all 8 sets and every single one was off. has anyone else had this problem? we ended up drilling out the holes and getting them on, but we are worried about the bearings not being lined up.

We have seen this in Versablocks purchased in September 2017. Haven’t checked the v2 blocks we got but they definitely seem higher quality from just handling them. The v1 edges were pretty sharp and unbroken.

We had that same problem last year. The v2 versablocks this year have been good.

Had the same issues last season. For some light duty work I bought the plastic ones this season which I’ll hopefully try out soon.

I think maybe you got a bad batch. Call them! They are amazing at support and if you provide photos they will probably help you out. I have used Vex/WCP for years and their support for these items has been incredible.

@traxxasracr1 which version did you buy? v1 or v2?

V1. We ordered the first 4 before the v2 was released and never opened them. Then when build season started we didn’t want to reorder the new ones, so we just decided to get more of the v1. Would the holes for the cam need to move to change to the v2? I know I can look at the drawing on vex, but if someone has a quick answer here that would be helpful

Yes. The VersaBlock v2 is narrower, so cam spacing will change.