VersaChassis Attempt 1

Here’s my first attempt to use all COTS items and parts from the new product line to make a drivetrain. It could be simplified a lot, and the big complexity is the bumper mounts which I was lazy with. Other than that, it’s relatively simple. I put in the correct weights for each object and Solidworks is telling me 37 lbs with everything pictured (20 lbs of which are the transmissions + CIMs).

Mmm, Beef.
Actually it’s probably not that heavy since it is mostly .04, still I would try to do away with the front and back sections. see if you can hook them up to the front and back 1x2 rail. If the colsons get in the way you can add a spacer of some kind to get the height. Nice use of the corner gussets.

How do these fasten together? Rivets, nuts and bolts, or some option that I’m not thinking of?

Rivets, just didn’t add them into the CAD.

Double frames are unnecessary on a WCD. If you are willing to slightly modify the T gussets, you can rivet them on to the side rails and then cut off whatever would go into the bumpers.

Yeah, but I didn’t want to modify any of the pieces in this design (to keep with the theme of not needing tools or resources to build it).

You need a saw just to cut the tube