Versachassis vs. Andymark "Kitbot" comparison

Our team is looking at purchasing one of these chassis to work with this offseason. Has there been some good comparison made between the two as to their strengths, weaknesses etc.? Would love to hear some thoughts before we go out and purchase one or the other.

This is a fairly informal comparison of strength between the two different chassis’s from prior years.

In 2017, using the KOP chassis, we took this hit from 3238. This bent the metal a good inch, which we were able to force back before our next match, and didnt have issues since.

The versa-chassis on the other hand went through all of MV elims (turn your volume down) taking hits of similar caliber, along with DCMP and some worlds defense, without any bending issues all season. We did lose a chain in SF2 of Turing, but “venue interference” with our comms (to quote our FTA) caused us to like the cargoship a little too much, resulting in it coming out, but was fixed before SF3 started.

4513 will be continuing with Versachassis in future years. The reliability and customization potential has been huge for us in being successful this year that the KOP chassis didnt allow.

While i cant find any good threads with pros/cons on Versachassis specifically, the KOP chassis has a thread or two on Pros and Cons.


We’ve used both, and I would say they are pretty equivalent for structural strength. The front rails of the kitbot might be slightly weaker in bending compared to 2x1x0.1" tube. But we also bent (and in one case broke) the 90 degree gussets in our versa chassis where that corner of the robot repeatedly slammed down off of level 2.

Given that they’re kinda the same, the differences are in the margins:

  • The kit bot is faster to build, especially when you include bumper rails
  • The kit bot (with 4" wheels) has a level platform to build on
  • The Versa Chassis is about 10 minutes faster to change worn out wheels. This was the biggie for us. The kit bot is much easier in 8wd configuration though.
  • Each type mounts easily to some gearboxes, and to others with more work. This might be important if you already have gearboxes you want to re use.
  • Versa Chassis used to be cheaper all in when we last compared, but vex raised their prices last year, so I’m not sure that’s still the case.

There’s probably other little differences, but I’d say you won’t suffer from either option.


Ultimately you need to look at a versachassis/west coast guide and decide if your team has the resources and time to dedicate to building such a robot. If you do, it is surely the best way to go in the long run.

We always build west coast versa chassis because almost all of the cots items are reusable. The investment is a lot of money at first until you realize you can recycle tons of the cots items year over year because they stand up better. The kit cannot be used for much more than the chassis but the versa chassis system can be used for arms/intakes and etc. From a design standpoint the parts are superior in flexibility from the versa chassis system if you know how to use them. If you need simplicity and struggle to finish a robot even with the kit chassis, stick with the kit.

You can see all the details of construction for building a west coast drive here:

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