Versaplanetary 1/2" hex output help.

We were looking into extending the 1/2" hex shaft output from the versaplanetary gearbox to make it longer? Is this possible? Do they sell an off the shelf product for this? How does your team tackle this issue if you have run into this issue?

buy one of these?

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You can also get one of these once they come in stock.

Well, our team just threaded the ends for 1/4-20, and then attached another piece of hex shaft to the end of that. Our pieces managed to line up pretty nicely, I dunno how close yours have to be. Good luck!

What’s going to stop them from unscrewing under load?

we used this last year for out climber. A little advice the shaft will eventually spin inside of the coupler under high load. the screws eventually worked themselves loose. we ended drilling through the holes in the coupler through the shaft and ran a small bolt through. After that we never had an issue, but do check the bolts in the coupler regularly because they will work themselves LOOSE

We’ve done this before–as long as it’s spaced so that you have something solid (like a timing belt pulley) over part of each, they don’t go anywhere. But yeah, I wouldn’t trust it otherwise.

They’re in stock now.

So glad of this :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to giving them a try, I expect they’ll work better than the couplers we’ve made from round stock and a hex broach!