Versaplanetary 3 stage screws source

Amazon stopped selling those 8-32 screws

Anyone has another source?
Bonus for international shipping (impossible to find in a metric country)

This works out nicely for you; I found an Israeli reseller who carries a screw kit for 0-3 stage VersaPlanetaries:

Edit: Whoops, too good to be true. The name of the kit infers it’s only for the 180 degree version of the VP

Well, I found some, but you have to buy 500 in Stainless. :frowning_face:

More reasonably: these have different heads, but they will fill the function: has them. I don’t know if they ship internationally.

Oh and will have them too. Again I don’t know if they ship internationally.

Another trick is to use all thread. It is widely available but the nuts on both end can have clearance problems.

McMaster wont ship internationally and may even block shipments to shipping forwarders in some cases.

Fastenal does ship internationally, so I imagine there is a solid chance they ship to Israel.

I found this place.
Their FAQ said you can place orders from outside the US.
At first I figured that it can’t be that hard. Then I did a bit of searching. And quickly realized how bad your problem is. You don’t even get the same search results from your country as I do. The ads for online stores are missing for you.
At championships I asked VEX why they did not sell these in their store and they said that they did not want to encourage all the inappropriate usages that 3 stage versaplantaries would be tried in.
They wanted customers to contact them so they could suggest alternatives before telling them where that hardware could be found.
So you could contact VEX.
The only warning I would give you is to current limit high gear ratio VPs to keep things from bending. And if you do want to run at the high ratios beware that the torque can twist the whole assembly and bend the screws if you just use the face mount method. Putting a side plate on or just mounting them with their side screws will keep that issue from being a problem.
McMaster probably sells some export restricted items. The punishments for violating those laws are pretty extreme. So they probably have just decided to skip the whole issue by cutting off all export shipping.

The main reason why I use 3-stage VPs is to fit an encoder stage on there. It would be great if Vex sold screws for this purpose.

Might be worth making a list of hardware that’s hard to find in Israel and trying to get someone to pass it off at the Championship to put in carry-on baggage.

VEX supply 2x 3-stage length screws with the VP encoder kit. With same issue as OP (international) and when we’ve needed a 3-stage gear set we’ve borrowed them from the VP encoder kit.


The problem is that I want to buy a lot of those screw (the students tend to lose them) and it’s about 8$ for 2 screws.

Actually thanks to Orbit 1690 they ship to Israel.

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If you want them cheap and don’t care too much about lead times, you can order them “custom” from a supplier on Alibaba. We’ve done that before for endmills, haven’t had to do it for screws yet.

I believe we usually get the inch-size screws we need from a local industrial supplier. Maybe you can find something similar near you.

How so? I’ve never heard of a way to order from McMaster to Israel

Also, about the screws - I believe we buy ours from local suppliers here in Tel Aviv. There are 3 or 4 stores that specialize in screws in southern Tel Aviv.

I was under the impression that McMaster only ships to a select few Israeli companies that they have prior relationships with, and 1690 gets one of those companies to order parts for them. Maybe @Korny can weigh in

Exactly, it’s complicated but you can contact 1690 and they can order from another company.

We might be able to get them for you, for that you would have to ask @Tomker, but I believe that you can probably source them from somewhere in Israel and it would be faster and cheaper

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Another option (it is not elegant, but we have made it work) is to use a threaded rod and cut it to length. You can then use a nylock nut on one end and it will thread into the VP threads on the other end. We actually did a 4 stage once (one being an encoder slice) and used this technique without issue.

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