Versaplanetary Gearbox Manual

I am a third-year student on FRC 3512, as a project, I created a manual on VEX Versaplanetary gearboxes for my team to use.

It is an in-depth guide for newer students to FRC with little experience with Versaplanetary gearboxes.

3512 Versaplanetary Gearbox Beginner Manual


I think that this is a good start.

One problem that I have frequently seen with rookies and some veterans is putting too much torque through a large gear reduction. For example, putting a CIM on a double 10:1 Versaplanetary gearbox.

I would suggest that there be a link to the Vex Versaplanetary torque limit charts and a strong recommendation to look at those before putting together a design.


It would be best to include some notes about performing the assembly work in a clean, uncluttered and well-lit space. A shallow tray for holding all the parts would make it less likely that a small part get lost.

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One thing I would put on as well is the types of calculations you would need in order to figure out what reduction/upduction gearbox you need (rarely is it the latter)
I.e. at the end of the gear box you want something to move X degrees or rotations in however many seconds using whatever motor Or how much torque you need to move/lift something and how much torque a motor outputs

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