VersaPlanetary Gearbox motor mounting plates

We use the VersaPlanetary’s frequently, and we have begun to notice some cracks and failures on the motor mounting plates near the screw holes, this is most likely user error but I was wondering if just the motor plates are sold or if we have to buy new kits to get them. I have been browsing vex’s website and I cannot seem to locate any.

I’m not sure if the motor mounting kit includes the plates, you can simply email vex and ask.

If not, let them know what you’re looking for. Worst case, let us know on here what motor plates you need and I’ll look for them in our spare parts.

Alrighty thank you ill shot them an email its the 775pro plates, thanks for your help.

Also, send them pictures. They’ll love getting feedback that includes pictures and some setup details.

Can confirm, the mounting holes on the 775 plates have very little material around the edges, and are quite prone to being smushed when torquing the screw.

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I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but has anyone had any success in making these? We’re using like 8 versaplanetaries on our robot this year and between our competition and practice robots, and our competition robot from last year, we’re all out of mounting plates for 775pros (plenty for BAGs and 550s though :roll_eyes:). I’ve thought about making our own a few times while we wait for orders come in, but haven’t pursued it yet. Any thoughts or advice?

I bet you can 3D print them i think I seen some cad files. But ill be sure to post when they respond to the email.

Unfortunately our 3D printers aren’t quite up to the task of load-bearing parts, but that’s an excellent idea. Hopefully VEX will start selling these individually. It would be extremely convenient.

There is this kit which appears to be closer to what you’re looking for.

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We actually made some out of aluminum last year. We had a team member accidentally crush the plastic ones (overtightened the screws) so we had a sponsor/ mentor create some on his CNC at work. They turned out pretty nice!

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