Versaplanetary Gearbox mounting hole locations

We are a second year team and haven’t had much experience with the versa gearboxes, but we are planning to use several this year. We are working on our CAD, but are unsure of the face mounting locations for the Versa. On the PDF layout print it seems to show 2 10-32 mounting holes 1.396 inches from the center of the 8-32 assembly screw holes which would be a 1.948 diameter bolt pattern for the 10-32s, but in the description on the VEX website it says that the mounting holes are on a 2 inch pattern to align with a CIM mount.

The print shows the 8-32s on a 2 inch bolt circle, but it indicates that those holes are for assembly screws, not mounting screws. Which is correct? Can we draw our CAD for 2 inch mounting holes? If so, would it be for 8-32s or 10-32s? Thanks

2" bolt circle. I have some VPs mounted in a toughbox designed for a CIM mount; they went in easily.

Ok, so it is safe to draw our CAD for 2" then? Is it 8-32 bolts or 10-32s?

I had never noticed the difference in spacing before, but pulling out the verier on a vp lite output I have handy, I see that the assembly screws are on a slightly smaller bolt circle. The assembly screws are #8 (these are the screws which keep the gearbox together. The mounting holes (which mount the gearbox to something else) are #10 on a 2" bolt circle.

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This is the print I am using. What is throwing me is the upper right and upper left corners.

Versa.PDF (221.2 KB)

That matches what I’m holding.
The gearbox assembly screws are for the long bolts which run the length of the gearbox and keep the stages together, and are threaded 8-32. These are in the upper left and lower right of the top left view.
The mounting holes are for face mounting the gearbox to the mechanism, and are 2" apart on center and threaded 10-32. These are in the upper right and lower left of the same view.

I had also downloaded the CAD file from VEX and realize now I was checking my dimensions on the wrong side of the part. I guess I have build season brain. Thanks for verifying that it is a 2" pattern. That will make the CAD go much quicker.

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