Versaplanetary Integrated Encoder Magnet Distance

We ordered several integrated encoders and, when properly assembled, the LED on the magnetic encoder is yellow instead of green (’s%20Guide.pdf).

I’m aware that we can still technically operate with the yellow LED, but you’d think a COTS solution would have set the distance to the magnet correctly.

Has anyone else experience this? Any potential solutions?


There were a variety of things that made this the case. The largest constraint was we wanted to make the encoder exactly the same as a gear stage in size and thickness, which led to a very tight packaging problem.

Initial (3d printed or milled) prototypes were solid green light with an earlier version of the SRX Mag Encoder board, but when final injection molded parts were received, and used the latest Encoder board, we found the light was yellow, right on the edge between yellow and green.

Testing was conducted by CTRE that verified that the unit was functionally identical with the yellow LED status, and the decision was made to leave the housing as is, for the most part due to schedule.

As always fell free to email me if you have any questions, prosupport “at”


Thanks for the thorough and quick reply. Glad to know that a yellow light is ok.