Versaplanetary junk drawer organization?

Our VP stuff has been out of control for a while, and I decided to build out what can be built out. Here’s my kitchen table:

VP kit boxes: 30
motor mount kits, assorted plates, etc: approaching infinity
hex output shafts & end block sets: over a dozen
gear kits: 2-3 dozen… a lot of 9’s and 10s in two plastic bags… I’m sure they’re all sorted properly
ring gears: 0

Any favorite ways to organize this? Guess we’re ordering some ring gears.

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If we werent trying to make the switch to the max planetary we’d probably take some of those 10’s and output shafts off your hands :laughing:

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We’re switching to maxP too, but there is just so much of this stuff that is would be a shame to waste it, & VP still has uses like prototyping / quickly trying different gear reductions. Seems like we need a couple dozen ring gears to start building these out though.

We made the switch to Rev too. Our versa planetary stuff is mostly stashed in a corner in case of emergency. We keep ours in a couple storage organizing boxes, they aren’t that organized anymore though. Kids couldn’t seem to keep ratio sets in the correct bin for the life of them. I would say the organizing storage boxes is a great way to do it though

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All our MAXPlanetary stuff is in Harbor Freight black and yellow organizers with the bins. Our UltraPlanetary stuff is in a Plano tackle box. One of those is the answer here.

Also, for what it’s worth I did find last summer there’s a decent eBay market for used VP lots.

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I second this. The Harbor Freight pack out containers are affordable and lightweight. There are also 3 different sizes.

The small pack outs for the O-Rings and other small gears, medium for the other parts.

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We use something like this:

Each section is labeled for the stage reduction that is in it and one is first gen another is second gen.

We also are trying to switch to Max Planetery as we like the design/packaging better and need to set up organization for those as well. We’ll probably switch to this since we converted our travel tool setup to Milwaukee Packout:

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We have three different versions of the dewalt boxes. It actually is kind of a pain since none of them stack with each other. Not my choice to get those i just work with what we have. What’s bad is two versions are the T-stack line

Part of the reason we started fresh with Milwaukee Packout.

FYI I think the old T-Stack is now sold as a Stanley product.

We have an older model, then 4-5 T-stack, and after looking 4-5 tough system 1.0 boxes. At least Dewalt made the 2.0 boxes backwards compatible with the 1.0 boxes. If it was my choice we would just redo it all in Milwaukee but we already took on converting from versa planetary stuff to max planetary stuff this year

We started using boxes like these:
The little removable buckets are large enough to fit multiples of the bigger components and it keeps parts together. We still use little baggies to keep individual gearsets together and clean. You may have a bit more than we do though in terms of parts though we do also keep some Sport gearboxes in ours too.