Versaplanetary lite cad

can anyone send a SolidWorks CAD of the versaplanetary lite gearbox without any motor/ with a bag motor?

I’ve noticed that all your threads since joining have been asking for CAD files. You really should try checking with the vendor for (universal) STEP files first; a little due diligence will take you a long way. :slight_smile:


this cad is with a motor, and i need a 1 without a motor


Yeah, that’s just something you are doing to have to deal with. You should be able to open the step file and remove/add the motors/other components as needed. I do it all the time for COTS CAD files.

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You should also consider creating a defeatured version of these models. If you are CADing a robot, you really do not need the internal ring gear teeth or planetary gearsets modeled. It is just slowing down your computer and eating up memory. Just keep enough of the external features to be able to represent the space it takes on the robot and any features that you need properly assemble it to your robot model (such as bolt holes, etc).

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I think there exist plenty of libraries with cad files for a lot of different things frc related. Maybe just download one depending on what cad platform you are using.

I typically just grab my files from the vendor’s website. But you should try using this:

I think this should solve all your asking for FRC CAD file needs.

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While I do heavily recommend the Spectrum library, it will require some effort on OP’s end, particularly with the VersaPlanetaries.



I needed something similar for work not too long ago. So I grabbed the closest assembly and parts, then copy-pasted the one part I was actually looking for into the assembly I was working in.

@OP: I usually figure it’s better to see what I can do with what is available before I ask for someone to hand me something. If I don’t need all the details and it’s simple then I often just do the CAD myself.

One of the best things you can do prior to build season is create a seperate, shared folder with numerous common and necessary parts. Ex:

  • VersaPlanetary Gearboxes (numerous stages)
  • BAG Motors
  • 1/2’’ Hex Collar
  • 1/4 Bolts (numerous sizes) if you include bolts in your CAD model
  • Simple 8020 structure & design

This makes it much quicker to get parts, instead of having to bang everything out in the same night. Preparation is key on our team.

For those teams who use or are considering using Onshape, all of this work is done for you already. There is no need to make a library of parts and assemblies because they have already been created, complete with masses, materials, different motor configurations, stages, and configurable lengths for a lot of things as well.

If you type in MKCAD into the public search utility when inserting parts into an assembly just about anything you could possibly want will show up.

I have no problems with MKCAD being very VEX-oriented in what it includes, but I do think it falls short of the “just about anything you could possibly want” standard.

A very, very valid point. It certainly is limited in its scope and has a preference towards VEX components. Hopefully over time it will become more all-inclusive to all of the FRC-centric suppliers.

If you cannot find a part you are looking for (say, something from Andy Mark), I have found searching for the part number is successful more often than not.

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