Versaplanetary lite with a bag motor

Is the bag motor suitable for the versaplanetary lite gearbox that is sold by VEXpro ?

Depending on the ratio, yes. You should look at the VersaPlanetary Lite Load Ratings Guide for more information on which ratios are okay.


Depends on what your using it for.

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As @Jon_Jack noted, the main limit on the VP Lite is the amount of torque you can get from it.

A few things to note:

  • The VP Lite does not have a side-mounting option; you can only mount it from the face.
  • The BAG mounting hardware must be purchased separately.

Also, the mounting interface is #8-32 instead of #10-32.

The plastic ring gears will fail at around 35 Nm of torque. You can increase this by either using a mix of metal and plastic ring gears, or using all metal ring gears.

A VP Lite input and output block with all metal ring gears won’t have the same load rating as the original VP. In this use case the failure mode will be the threaded hex inserts used for face mounting ripping out of the output block. If I remember correctly, this occurs around 50Nm.

You should also never use a CIM with a VP Lite.


We discovered this pretty late at night in the last week of build. Nothing a .159" drill bit, 10-32 tap, and a slightly eccentric mentor can’t fix.

Everyone should read this, and make sure they understand it. It’s important to be able to make these decisions on the fly.

However: TL;DR: A VP Lite is okay with a BAG if you keep the reduction at or below 81:1, unless you use the CIM output shaft, then it’s about 64:1.


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Thanks for the correction! I updated my post.

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