Versaplanetary/Maxplanetary Gear Ratios

What gear ratios should teams have on hand? What are the most frequently used ratios your team has used and for what applications?

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Rev had some great suggestions in their recently written book (page 20). They cover flywheels, drivetrains, and arms. There are of-course exceptions, but I think its pretty reasonable.

With the MAX Planetary , just buy 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 slices and mix and match. You can make any supported ratios from there.

The Versa planetary feels fairly obsolete at this point, but the advice is probably similar. Buy a few common slices, and mix and match from there.

We buy the MAX with one each of the 3, 4, and 5 slices. That gives plenty of flexibility for most applications.

For the VP, stay away from the 10:1 slice. That sun gear is VERY small and easy to break. The slightly larger 9:1 is a little better. We’ve rolled the dice with it a few times and it’s held up. Be sure it is closest to the motor if paired with another slice. The 7:1 and lower slices are robust. There are adapters to put a NEO/CIM/miniCIM on a VP, but with the advent of the MAX, there isn’t much need and the load ratings on the VP for more powerful motors aren’t great. Since that leaves high rpm motors like the NEO550, BAG or Redline for the VP, you are more likely to need higher reductions on the VP compared to the MAX. 35:1 to 63:1 has been pretty common for us and might be useful for hoods, turrets, and conveyors. Using a single stage VP on an intake with maybe a 7:1 might be consideration although a NEO with a single stage belt/pulley reduction might be a better choice…

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