Versaplanetary shooter problem! Check versaplanetaries!

We are using two falcon 500s geared 1:1 through versaplanetaries. Today we found that because of the vibration in our shooter, the 8-32 bolts that hold the versaplanetaries to their mounting holes stripped out the versaplanetaries. This is a problem that we have never experienced before. Luckily we were able to swap the gearboxes and solve the issue but the moral of the story is to make sure your versaplanetaries are in good condition. Be weary of this when using versaplanetaries in high vibration environments.

On another note, does anyone know how to solve this for the rest of the season? We would rather not have to continue to replace them for the rest of the season.

Did you try loctite? Not sure, but sounds like a valid application.

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We did on the second time. Problem is we are using poly so we have to be extremely careful to make sure it doesn’t go near the side plates. We don’t want cracking.

One option we have used around plastic is super glue. Definetly not ideal, but it doesnt destroy plastic, and a small drop can act as thread locker. Use at your own risk to ensure you dont end up glueing everything together, a small drop would be all you need.

Tbh, we have all but given up on versaplanetaries for this exact reason. The boxes themselves strip out really easily, the spring clips that hold the output shaft give way, and the female shaft adapters strip out. All these things happened multiple times to us last year.

This year, we went with Andymark (Banebots?) sport gearboxes. We did use a versa on our intake, but that was it (flyer on our shooter, TB mini on our climber, and sport on the alignment wheel for the climber). If this is a possibility for you (You have the money, time, and weight allotment: theu are heavier. Also, I am not positive they work with Falcons, but I think they do), I recommend them.

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