VersaPlanetary snap ring

We recently bent the snap ring for a VersaPlanetary out of shape. The product page lists it as “Retaining Ring, Metric MSH-15”. Is it the same as

VEX customer service is really helpful. They are really the best ones to ask. :slight_smile:

Yes, those will work, but our experience has not been great with replacements; they didn’t hold as well. And it’s a real bummer when you lose one in the middle of a match…

Not sure whether our issue was material properties or poor installation technique. Probably a bit of both.

Piece of trivia- we had an Aussie mentor who kept referring to these as Jesus clips. We thought it was just a nickname he gave them, but it turns out that’s what they’re called Down Under.

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Removing/installing these can be a real pain. Open them up too much, and they deform and don’t close all the way again. I’ve seen people try to open them up enough to push the shaft through the gap, which causes deforming. Instead, you need to open it up just enough to slide it off the end. Use the proper tool, it makes life easier.

Also, having just done this the other night… pay close attention when putting it back on. It’s easy to get it almost all the way on and think it’s on… but not actually be fully in the groove. When that happens, the shaft can, and will, pop out on you!


We took a guess a few years back and ordered these from McMaster Carr

They are very close to the ones you listed and have worked well enough for us.

I will also strongly agree that proper tools and technique is critical to success when using retaining rings. It doesn’t take much to over expand and yield them. We use this fixed size tool from McMaster Carr Not having to deal with lost tips is worth the extra cost.

I have also heard the term Jesus clip may times from mechanics and shop floor type people. Usually in reference to and small clip rings that tend to go flying off into never never land at high speed when you try to install or remove them. The story I was given years back is that is what is commonly said when fly off never to be seen again.

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The User Guide (on page 14) also calls out a 15mm Snap ring. It looks like you’ve picked the right replacement.

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