Versaplanetary vs MAXplanetary NEO/CIM shaft

I know the MAXplanetary gearsets are designed such that they do not require cutting the motor output shaft the way the Versaplanetary gearsets do, I’m looking or verification that there’s no incompatibility if I cut a shaft to use with our old Versaplanetary now while waiting for a backordered MAXplanetary to come in? It appears that the MAXplanetary motor coupler interfaces with about 0.375" of shaft while the Versa also says cut to 0.375". The rest of a full shaft is not actually required up through the MAXplanetary though, correct? Ideally in a few weeks we might get our MAX gears in at which point we would like to swap over to those since they handle more torque than the Versa, so is it correct that we can simply remove the input spline cup from the versa, and put on the MAX cup and build back up the new gearset? I want to make sure cutting a shaft now won’t shoot us in the foot later with that motor. Thanks!

Can you avoid any cutting by just 3D printing an additional spacer until your MP gearboxes come in?

My team has found that by using a CIM adapter, the other input stage (forgetting the name), and a 3D-printed 0.15in spacer that goes between the motor and the CIM adapter, you don’t need to cut the shaft and get a very good fit.

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I’m assuming you mean the input stage for the 500/775 size motors? Do you recall what material you printed the spacer out of? We are set up for PETG but none of the more advanced filaments. That sounds great, I’ll play with that tonight.

FWIW, we put cut shaft NEOs (harvested from old Versaplanetary setups) in our MaxPlanetary gearboxes without issues so far.

As long as there is some Keyway remaining on your NEO after you cut your shaft you will be fine using them in the MAXPlanetary. The input coupler on the MP has a short key and the base of it touches the motor retaining ring.

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Yes, that sounds right. PETG should be more than enough, we did them in PLA+ and it was good for the season.

Hey, my team is trying to do something similar (using versa planetary with NEOs) and wanted to avoid cutting the shaft. Do you still have this Cad for the spacer, and would you be willing to share it?

I don’t still have the CAD (it was somewhere in my team’s now-lost Grabcad library) but I’d be happy to re-CAD it if you need it. It’s just a 2.36" circle with an open circle 0.5" diameter in the center and two smaller (0.201") holes opposite each other 1" from the center. It is the same as the NEO mounting pattern, just 0.15" thick to add the needed space in the gearbox.

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Awesome, thank you. I should be able to CAD that up myself if that’s all it is.