Versaplanteary parts?

Does anyone know when vex will be getting more versaplanteary parts as they are currently out of stock of all the reductions 5:1 and below. Our team really needs to restock our inventory of versaplanteary stuff.

About two weeks ago?

um… refresh the web page?

The only VP part that seems to be out of stock is the integrated encoder. My team just placed an order for a bunch of VP parts.

I’m not quite sure what parts you guys ordered, however the ring gear add on kits and all stages from 3:1-5:1 have been out of stock for well over a couple months now. Hopefully VEX can get these back in stock within the next week or so.

edit: Actually from what I can tell, the versa encoder is one of the few things currently in stock for the versa planetary line up.

I think it’s the difference between Canada Vex and Texas Vex

I just received a bunch of 3:1/4:1/ etc from Texas

Email Karthik at Vex directly. If you use the contact info for the Canadian Sales and Distribution, he is likely the one who will answer your question. He is usually VERY fast at responding.

I am sorry, but I should have stated that I am using the Canadian vex pro and they will have different products than the American vex pro. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No inconvenience at all! We should have VersaPlanetary products, along with the rest of the VEXpro product line, restocked before Christmas. In the future if you have questions about the Canadian inventory, shoot a message to [email protected] for the quickest possible response.

VEXpro parts are fully back in stock in Canada. Merry Christmas!