Vertical Pipe Hanging

Hey, I’m from Team Rush. If you didn’t know, our robot hangs itself by grabbing onto the vertical pipe and flipping over itself. I only know of the following teams that do this:

27 - Team RUSH
33 - Killer Bees
148 - Robowranglers
217 - Thunder Chickens
1114 - Simbotics

Am i missing anybody?

217 and 148 removed theirs to improve their driving.

1633 drives up the pole. I think 359 has the ability but doesn’t use it.


and we drive up the pole, but we dont flip ourselves over. didn’t know how specific you wanted

Add 254 and 1280. 254 uses a two-jointed arm that folds entirely into their frame. Because of this, it’s the only robot I’ve seen that hangs this way AND can go through the tunnel.

EDIT: and 1717. I haven’t seen theirs up close, just on the SD webcast, but it appears to drive up the pole. And 78 definitely drives up the pole.

Team 1718 hangs on the vertical in 6.8 seconds

2791, 2775, 1625, 2079

REALLY NOW! Thats really surprising! Can they go under the tunnel now?

It definitely is one of the faster ways to hang, from what I’ve seen so far. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the idea is that it makes it easy for another robot with the more popular way of hanging to hang on the horizontal bar.

To answer your question, I do not know of any other team that may be able to hang off the vertical bar.


doesn’t appear they can…

I don’t know. All I know is that some time after their videos came out, someone from one of those teams came out and said that they were removing their hangers to use the weight to make improvements in the drivetrain.

Teams 25, 75 and 1403 all hang from the side bars.

Team 343 has one of the more unique designs for hanging this year (in my humble opinion). They latch onto the pole and drive up it, instead of flipping up.

It looks quite awesome. Can’t wait to see it for myself in person this weekend.

As of the cass tech district we played them in, they could not go under the tunnel. It is very unlikely that they can now due to the height of the robot at cass tech. but if they do, kudos to them.

903 can do it. But ya 217 / 148 ditched them in favor of a lower CoG and strengthening their chassis.

I wonder if they regret it or are happy with the overall improvments. (in that one video way back when it did look like they were a little unstable going over the bump, if fact I’m pretty sure they only went over it backwards.)

78 hangs from the side bar, but doesn’t flip.

At Cass Tech they seemed to be doing just fine with the bumps and handeling them.

This weekend our hangers gona be much faster (and more colorful). YAAY:D

PS. to RUSH, I think this makes us arch rivals, In a good kind of way;)

I’d agree they are very nimble while going over the bump now. In fact, I’m not even sure they couldn’t go over forwards before their arm was taken off, Its just that it wasn’t shown in the video.

When pit scouting, someone from 910 said they could hang from the vertical bar and drive up it. I NEVER saw this happen however, so I won’t stay they can for sure. Did any else hear that and can confirm/deny this data?