Vertical Pool Noodle for Corners

Rather than making our pool noodles extend into the corners we were going to use vertical pool noodles to fill the corner gap. Does anyone have experience in fastening these to the robot or have any suggestions?

We did this one year, I think, and they just used hot glue to hold the pool noodle on. If you do a good enough job wrapping the bumpers, that should be all you need.

I hope so, because that is what I did Yesterday. can we get a rule quote?

<R08> is your friend … or maybe not :confused:

I’m thinking sewing the vertical noodle to one of the other bumpers? Then there’s definitely nothing “hard” outside of the plywood and bolts. I should probably put this on the Q&A or maybe just ask an inspector day of.

You put the vertical noodle portion inside the fabric of the adjacent bumper segment. The vertical noodle is not a separate piece of bumper.

To me, it would be easier to cut the pool noodles about 3.5 inches long and have the pair of noodles extend past the end of the plywood, rather than fiddle with an extra piece of vertical noodle. In the past the vertical noodle was the only method allowed of extending into the corners. This year we have several options.

Although there doesn’t seem to be anything preventing the extension of the horizontal noodles into the corners, it has been my experience that the vertical pool noodle seems to add a bit more protection. You can use hot glue but the surface at the glue point is pretty small. If you use the specified heavy fabric, the vertical piece is held firmly in place and looks pretty nice. For your own piece of mind, please follow
“D. The BUMPERS must be covered with a rugged, smooth cloth (1000 dernier Cordura Plus® strongly recommended). The cloth must cover all external parts of the bumper material (pool noodle) and backing (plywood).” Results will vary but this will prevent an issue if your bumper falls apart during a match due to weak fabric covering.

We use the 1000 Cordura and have never had an issue with the material.
the vertical piece of noodle holds up well in there too and there is not any slipage from side to side.

Works great for us.

Does the pool noodle need to extend over the corner if there are bumpers on each side of the corner? Sorry for the Example below

| |Robot
| | Frame here
| |

Yes, corners must be protected and there must be >=6" of bumpers on each side of the corner (not including the pool noodle in the corner).

Not to pick on them it was the closest robot I could find. What you are describing is that thier bumpers and any like it are illegal. Correct?

As pictured, yes (that pic is kinda blurry so it’s hard to tell for sure).

Please see figure 2 in the Rev J version of the Robot Rules Section 8. I cannot see the corner very well in the picture you linked but if it looks like the right side of figure 2 then the answer is “no”.
J. Corners and joints between BUMPER segments may be filled with short pieces of vertically
oriented pool noodle, by wrapping the pool noodles around the corners, or by beveling the
ends between adjacent segments so they form a tight and complete protective surface (see
Figure 8 – 2).
N. BUMPERS may extend beyond the BUMPER PERIMETER by up to a maximum of 3-1/2
inches per side. “Hard” parts of the BUMPER (i.e. plywood backing, fastening system, and
clamping angles) may extend up to a maximum of one inch beyond the BUMPER
PERIMETER. Only “soft” parts of the BUMPERS (i.e. pool noodles and cloth covering) may
extend more than one inch beyond the BUMPER PERIMETER.