Vertical Spindexer

I just wanted to know if any other teams had an indexing system similar to ours


that is one amazing indexer for sure, wow

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We had a similar revolver system that used buckets and it didn’t work out well for us, mainly because of execution, but this looks great.


5818 has a system like that, it’s actually not quite vertical, maybe 15 degrees tilt. They always build weird and awesome robots, so I’m not that surprised.

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It’s a little hard to see, but here’s a picture of it.


1515 has a vertical spindexer.


Your robot was the only thing I took a screenshot of during all of week 1 event watching.


It was a fun idea, but unfortunately we’re likely stripping it from our robot for a belted system between now and next comp

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5933 has one.

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1247 has one made with buckets.

Whoops, missed that this was posted already.

Man that’s way better than ours

1741 has something similar

1108 had one in CAD but the build-team vetoed it. Looks fine to me.

How does the ball manage to come up and around when it is in the bottom slot. I’d done a bunch of testing with this design and found that a problem. Can you show some more pictures/videos, I’m curious to see the specifics. (I’ll post some pics of mine when I find some)

We added an outer shell to the standoffs that the balls sat on so that they could rotate and allow the ball to roll on top of them instead of just getting squished, I’ll try to get a video later tonight

5933 built our “Daisy” mechanism that is the same design as yours. Here’s some practice field video (sorry, I don’t have time to shorten the video).

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