Very Basic Java Code Needed

So it is our first year with Java and we have set up our IDE we have a connection to the cRio and can ping. We started a simple robot template, and created 4 motors, and then we set the motors to a power of 1 (100%) in the autonomous for 5 seconds. However when we deploy the code and click enable on the drive station, nothing happens. So does anyone out there have a very simple code that turns on motors that we could try?

(Sorry to bother you all, but we really don’t have any mentors for this sort of thing)

There are several things that could be wrong. Is the driver station set to autonomous? Is the robot status light indicating any issues? Either post your code here or PM it to me and I’d be happy to help.

You should also be sure to check you have put the correct ports down. Ports are which header the pwm cables are attached to on the digital sidecar. Also, how did you turn them on for 5 seconds? The Timer class in wpilibj should be what you’re using (probably not Timer.delay() though). Posting your code would be helpful.

Ok, so it turns out to be a loose ribbon cable to the sidecar. The code worked fine. We had a momentary brain issue.

Those are fun aren’t they? We have them all the time.