Very limited java access within Netbeans

Our team has been attempting to import various base java files to integrate with our program, such as ArrayLists, Lists, and Swing frames. However, they are unable to be imported. We were hoping we could find help here.

These classes aren’t available in J2ME. Some interesting discussion on working around this limitation here.

Thanks for the fast response! I’m looking into the workarounds but it seems we might just have to get used to default arrays and hashtables.

Note that you can use the Vector class in place of ArrayList. If you want to see the full list of available classes, check out the Javadocs included with the installation. They are available in the ‘sunspotfrcsdk’ directory located in your home folder; more details can be found here:

There are a few classes not required by Java ME, but that are implemented by the squawk JVM. You can find them in com.sun.squawk.util.

What did you want to use swing frames for?

The 2015 control system will use Java SE Embedded, so it won’t have these restrictions (although I didn’t check if it supports swing).

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