Very odd issue with WindRiver

Ok, this is an issue that my team and I experienced last night, and I just had it today less than 10 minutes ago.

My co-programmer was downloading code to the robot, and then I wanted to get the file. So he sent it to me and I imported it in WindRiver. When I built it, I got an error saying that the project couldn’t be found in the right directory… I noticed that it was in the E: drive that my friend has, and not my C: drive. How do I change this?? It was working perfectly and then all of a sudden it stopped working and gave me that error. After it gave me the first error for a few times WindRiver gave me an error about the partical analysis report (sorry I cannot remember…).

What I did last night and 10 minutes ago was deleted the project and re-imported it. Now it is working just fine. No errors, and it shows that it is building the right project in the right directory…

Anyone have any ideas?

I have 2 ideas for how to fix this if it happens again

  1. Try a build clean (think that is what it’s called but don’t have WR open now) and then try building again
  2. Try deleting the Makefile and build again (should regenerate the makefile with correct paths)

Really you should do a build clean before sharing the code.