very off-topic question

I am asking the FRC world of robotics, who plays world of warcraft on there off time i know very dumb question in the world :ahh: :ahh:

I have to just say wow…Isn’t the nonstop contact and communication with roboticists enough? Now you want to play WoW with them? haha

i do, and i kinda feel very ashamed about it… thanks

The question has been asked before. Here’s a thread from 2007.

The response doesn’t look like it was very big in that thread but you never know. Sean Lavery posted in that thread and included a link to an earlier thread that had generated a lot of interest. He also suggested doing a search for topics you are interested in. It’s a good option to use when looking for specific things like this. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed about finding out if you have common interests with other FIRSTers here in CD.