Very sad news.

I have just learned that two Clarkson University Student members of Team #229 were killed in an accident while returning from a team meeting on Tuesday, October 16th. I have included a link to the Clarkson news release.

I am very saddened by this news and my thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends, and team members of the two students who were killed.


I too will say a prayer for Jeff and Matthew’s families, friends and FIRST teammates. My prayers also go out to the people who were injured in the accident. I hope they get well soon and are able to compete this year.
It always a sad day when young adults die. They had there whole life ahead of them.
If any kind of memorial fund is set up, please let me know.

Wayne Doenges

I’ve spoken to JVN this morning, and he wanted me to post for him that he thanks everyone for their support, and that everyone in VT is doing better.

This post is my own opinion.

John made a good point to me, you know. There was only one reply to this thread, and then everyone went back on arguing about this years game and restrictions.

My aunt lives in Clifton Park, NY, and Jeff taught my cousins how to swim last summer. Thank you, Jeff, you’ll be in my prayers, as well as my aunt’s.

Take a look around you, I bet if you picked any random person within FIRST you could connect yourself to them, no matter how indirectly. Just take a second to think, thats all.

I have to agree with Jess on this…

And my thoughts are with Eric and the rest of the team in Clarkson - and everyone affected by this horrible accident. If only such tragedies could be avoided…

~ lora

Often people do not respond because they are at a loss of what to say that would be appropriate.

Human nature is to say “not me”, “it could not happen to me or someone i know”,…

Life is so fragile it is really scary. There are the things we can control, the things we attempt to control, and the things that happen to us with or without choice. One never knows where the smallest of choices will lead us…

Believe in your heart, and trust in god. Thats the best you can do.

I know that the reason that I didn’t respond to the thread is because right away, as soon as I read the message, I sent an email to Tina Yuille (team leader of #229) expressing my deepest sympathies to her and the team… I also sent a card to her and the team…I’m assuming that’s what a lot of people are doing instead of responding to the thread.

-Lori- :slight_smile: