Very Simple Infrared Tester

At the kickoff today we spent a long time brainstorming after the game was unveiled. One of the mentors had brought a Roomba robotic vacuum, idk why. But he had figured out that by using the camera on your cell phone pointed at an infrared transmitter you can actually see the infrared light. If your having any issues test it with the camera phone, alot easier than using that graph unit. Hope this helps someone.

You can pretty much use any digital camera or video camera, to see whether the IR light comes on.

not every camera but any IR camera will work, most of the cameras with night vision will work well with this

Most digital camera’s will work, even webcams and whatnot, as long as they don’t have an IR filter to filter out such light :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a rather old trick, one that has been used in industry ever since camera phones had been developed.