Very strange coincidence

So I was looking at the teams that made it to einstein, and i saw this…

972 (Iron Claw)'s bot looks like this

And 973 (Greybots)'s bot looks like this

The fact that their team numbers are consecutive, they have almost the exact same bot design, and they both made it to einstein is crazy to say the least. And they don’t live super close to each other either. Its about a 2.5 hour drive between schools. Not a conspiracy theorist, but this is going on the conspiracy theory board.


None of these photos are mine, I stole them off of TBA.


large if actual


To be fair a LOT of teams had this general architecture.


You’ll see they competed at the same event week 1, where 972 had a different claw.

972 probably saw 973, 1678 and 4414 and changed to the wide roller everybot style intake (and had room to go full width unlike 973).

973 made a new intake for champs that was just wider for cubes, which was pretty neat.

581 will be making the same change for off-season, which will require leaning the elevator back some… I regret not doing it during build, as we could only fit a 12" wide one since it had to store inside elevator uprights.



A picture of said intake.


Made an account after lurking just to comment: yeah adam heard is basically right.

We follow a lot of what citrus says in their design philosophy, here is “steal from the best invent the rest”. I believe we originally inspired our elevator design off of Spectrum’s elevator, though our elevator was custom.
Our intake was completely different until after HPR.
At HPR our pit was next to 973, I think you can even see some of us in the behind the bumpers video for 973 :slight_smile:
After HPR we knew we had to change our intake, I’m not sure if 973 was the main inspiration or citrus/high tide, but we definitely performed better with it.


Sorry for being pedantic and also creating a bit of a tangent here - but this saying predates the Citrus Circuits. You definitely aren’t the only one to credit 1678 or their mentors for this statement in the past couple years, so they’ve certainly helped keep it in the FRC vernacular. But the “Steal from the Best, Invent the Rest” phrase is something that’s been in FRC at least since 2003 or 2004 (when I first heard it). You can find it in Chief Delphi posts in 2007 and 2009 ( already being referred to as cliche).

E; Found a 2004 reference

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They even stole the phrase itself from the best. Now that’s what I call practicing what you preach!


Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s not a citrus phrase, just where we get it from.
They have another piece of advice which says “always use rolly grabbers”, not sure if it’s theirs, but probably should have followed it from the start.


Creating another tangent on top of your tangent (and unrealated to what 972 did), it’s important for people to think about (or, just ask) why certain designs decisions were made when stealing from the best, as the constraints that they have / don’t have (in the context of their robot itself, their manufacturing resources, mentor / student resources, etc.) relative to your own team. This seems pretty obvious to some, but something I’ve seen a lot of over the last few seasons when talking to students so important to touch on.

A blog post from a former 1678 student puts it better than I can:

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The overall roller intake design and material selection was based off of 1678’s intake, but the idea to use two rollers rather than three was from 973’s robot. Also, the stronger aluminum attachment of the intake to the wrist took inspiration from the 973 robot since 1678’s intake looked a little wobbly at HPR.


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