very weird camera movement!

Hello, to everybody here. I haven’t found anything similar so i suppose that i am doing something very wrong. But i can’t figure it out. So the thing is that i decided to install the CMUCam2 ver.7. All good, i read all documents included, about calibration, serial commands and mounting. Now my problem is that i managed to make it track but it tracks at the blistering speed of 2.5/4 fps and the servos move in small steps. It more like vibrating towards the target than servo-ing in that direction. I tried changing the step for the servos…but still nothing. Well if i am changing the step it’s just going to vibrate at a lower frequency while is connected to the LabView’s CMU GUI, and also with the java one. As i go back to the demo mode, it starts again with the movement in very violent and small steps. If anybody can help me, please do, because i am trying to fix this for 2 days, and i don’t have anymore hair left. I tried using both color spaces, both line modes, different settings for color, gains and other controls, but still no difference in movement. I am thinking that it should go faster because i saw a video with the CMUCam2 v.1 and it was moving really fast and smooth. The camera in the video was on demo mode…and that is how i want to use it for the moment.

i am assuming that the servos are being powered by the CMUcam? If so i have found that the built in tracking mode on there can be very choppy. try hooking it up to an RC and see how it works then.

OK…i put the camera in the controller. Actually now the tracking without the controller “demo mode” worked perfectly, and now the FRC code with the camera doesn’t work. Actually i don’t know where exactly the problem is. I calibrated the camera a thousand time, i tried different colors (green, red, pink, magenta, blue, yellow), different lighting conditions…but nothing. With the frc controller connected i only get “Scanning…” and the camera scans infinitely. I changed and tried with or without gain control, white balance, but still nothing. Any help please ? :slight_smile:

I am writing the code for movement and positioning for the robot and i am also using some infrared sensors for distances and obstacles, but i can’t do anything because the camera is not working. So…please tell me what should i do…It is calibrated, and in demo mode, or with the java/labview GUI works fine. I need it to work through the ttl, otherwise i would have left it in demo mode.