Veteran Kits

We are a second year team, and we our kit is being shipped. (Long story. )

I was wondering if the veteran teams will recive the IFI control system, and the pnumatics compressor.

I can’t find an answer in the KoP to that question.

We are also a second-year team, and we got a new RC, OI, and compressor in our kit.

I far as I know there was no difference in the kits. We had 52 to hand out at our regional and they were all the same. When we opened ours there was a compressor and the controllers. Hope this helps.

What a relief!

Thank you for such quick replies.

And you get a battery charger too.

That’s great!

Oh, I forgot one thing.

Do vet teams recive an edubot? Oh, sorry, Robovation. :rolleyes:

No. Only rookies. They were received when they paid their deposit in the Fall.