Veterans, "I wish X was in the 2006 kit " (Solve for X)

Going over some rough designs today I had a suggestion for a former kit part.

Basically I sugessted using the old Belimo Torque Motor.
(Imagine my surprise when I didn’t see it in the KOP)

What do you miss from past year’s kits which could have helped you this year?

(FYI, we can’t use that right?? The old Belimo Torque motor?? Something about only using the motors in the kit, and no additional other kinds of motors?)

I’d love to see the IFI breaker panel make a return to the kit. (Or even an allowance to use the IFI panel in lieu of, instead of in addition to, the gear provided this season.)

I’d like to see the old drill motors from back around 2000-2001. They where a great derible and powerful motor. Even better they came with the lovely blue clamshell that made up the drill housing. This made for a fantastic way of mounting and protecting the motor.

-Andy A.

I think… awhile ago we got wireless programming stuff. Either that or IFI sold them. I want those :wink:

Way off topic…but i could have used a million dollars…anyone find it in theirs?

What i would change: USB connections, Most newer computers and laptops are doing away with serial.

What i would add: Maybe another Unique part or two, Just something completly random, to see if and how teams use it :smiley: Like an “Iron Chief” secret ingredient style :smiley:

Didn’t FIRST say you can use the 2005 breaker panel?

Right, in addition to this year’s stuff.

You sure? I’m pretty sure we use either this years breakers, or last years breaker panel.

At the moment, that’s correct. It wasn’t that way on January 11.

Ambidextrous joysticks anyone? These new ones have to much slop for even a one stick drive.


Slightly off topic but do you mean we CAN now use the IFI panel independant of this year’s equipment or do we now have to use it with this year’s gear.

Independent per Update #5.
You can follow either the 2005 electrical layout or the 2006(2004) layout.
See Section 5 of the FIRST rules page:

Second on the joysticks, those black ones still rock, and one seat motor instead of the matusue (sp) that flex cable and drive just scream tilt adjust for shooters.

1293 did a little experimentation, and we seem to have found a simple solution to take out a fair degree of slop. Open up the bottom of the joystick, and you’ll see the mounting setup for the pots. Add small rubber bands, like the ones folks with braces use, onto the small pegs. Put the plate back on, and it should feel much tighter. (Granted, it doesn’t automagically make them into Flightsticks, but it’s definitely an improvement.)