Veterans include cost of compressor

So what’s the point of a veteran kit?

I’d rather pay for a compressor with fake BOM money then pay real money for a compressor.

Anyone know the price for an old style compressor?

so they way I read this is if an item wasn’t in the veteran kits we must count it at fair market value, even if it was given in the rookie kits. So does this mean we (veterans) have to put the C-rio down as the fair market value?

The old compressor and the new rookie compressor aren’t the same. The old cRIO and the new cRIO are the same. It’s a different animal.

Wow, that part is barely within the cost limit.

This would have been nice to know a fair bit in advance.

So, anyone think we need to include the cost of the classmate since the rookies received a different model than the vets have?

Not unless it’s on the robot…

Makes you want to treat it with a bit more respect, doesn’t it?

Classmate’s part of the Driver Station which is exempt from the BOM.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that the old “Thomas” compressor is on the BOM KOP list. However, the Axis 206 camera is not. Do we include the camera as a new part? Is it okay to not include the compressor?

Good catch - I missed that. Based on the rules and the GDC ruling I would say the compressor PN in the template is an error.