Vex 2-Wire Motor 393

Hello all! We are planning on using a Vex 2-Wire Motor 393, but are having difficulty in connecting the motor shaft to a 1/2" bolt. Any suggestions or help? Thanks!

Use a lathe to drill a 1/8" hole down the middle of the 1/2" bolt.

Place the VEX axle shaft down the hole and JB Weld, or better yet, braze, it in place.

That is assuming you have access to a lathe, of course. If not then maybe braze one of the metal high strength VEX gears onto the end of the 1/2" bolt?


Better method than glueing a VEX shaft into a round hole: drill a press fit hole for 1/4". Then take the metal VEX shaft coupler, and press fit it into the hole.

A complicated way that we are doing is drilling a hole large enough for the vex shaft into the end of the bolt. Then using a 1/2 in shaft collar we drilled and threaded holes in the shaft collar so we could connect a vex lock bar to the collar. then we slid the vex shaft into the end of the 1/2 shaft through the lock bar and used mini vex shaft collars to hold the vex shaft to the lock bar.