VEX 2005 = Mini FRC 2004

The VEX Challenge 2005 is essentially the FIRST 2004 Game (Raise the Bar) scaled by 1/3.

The field is 8’X16’
No Auton, ball dump when BOTH Bonus Balls are knocked off or 30 Seconds into match
Small ball = 4" wiffle ball
Large ball = 10" playground ball
Robots 2’X2’X1.5’ (L W H)
Ramp rather than stairs (.33’ high under bar)
Pullup bar 2.67’ from ground (2.33’ from top of ramp)
The last big change is the point value of hanging: 20 rather than 50.

Looks like fun, but much more complex than I thought.

Joe J.

Sounds fun Joe. I’m not surprised, are there moveable goals or just stationary? But do you think they should have done stack attack instead since the bins would be easier to get than balls? Eh, oh well, I can’t wait to check out the competition at Atlanta!

Just as in Raising the Bar, each color has one moveable goal & one stationary goal.

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Is it actually a wiffle ball, oblong perforations and all, or just a plastic ball the size of a wiffle ball? If it is an actual wiffle ball, that’s the best thing ever :slight_smile:

Also, is there documentation online about the game that we can read? I’d love to see it (and then, curious people like me won’t be asking you 80 million questions…you do have a VEXbot to build!)

Also, is there documentation online about the game that we can read? I’d love to see it (and then, curious people like me won’t be asking you 80 million questions…you do have a VEXbot to build!)

Im not exactly sure but I assume it’s the password protect link called vex challenge manual.

Wow, seems hard. 16 ft is still kind of big. Also, that 10" ball must me heavy to lift. I’m worried about doing that with just little servos and those hole-filled flexible metal bars.

It is a ball with holes in it. Wiffle is a brand name I suppose, I cannot say if it is a Wiffle or not, I suppose not. My impression is that it will be very hard to toss to stay in a goal that is only 9" in diameter (even 5 feet to the stationary goal). I can’t say for sure because my wife and daughter (and friends) have not gotten to the point that they have built a goal or any game field elements.

They arehere but they are password protected. I know the password, but I don’t know if FIRST wants all to know it. Sorry. I will make inquiries…

Joe J.

I’ve seen the rules. They are indeed, nearly EXACTLY the 2004 FRC comp. Except for the scaled down field and bots and stuff.

Does anyone know if there is a way to code this and what the weight restriction is?

No coding allowed in this game. The controller is clearly programmable, so I am sure that future games will allow coding.

There is no autonomous. Balls drop at 30 seconds or when both bonus balls are knocked off.

As to weight, it is self limited by the kit of materials being restricted to 3 VEX starter kits + a handful of specific items (5 rubber bands, 6" of velcro, 6"X6" no slip cloth, etc.)

Size in 24"X24"X18"

Joe J.

How does human player work? I know it is hard to throw a flimsy wiffle ball accurate. Sounds like fun though. We signed up but were rejected cause we did not fit the criterea.

Human player works the same as last year.

Scaling problems make it harder to make shots.

The goals are only 9" in diameter.

The mobile goal is nearly impossible to get balls to say in – they hit the bottom and bounce out, even when just dropping the balls over the 6’ wall to a goal pushed right up to the wall. The goal is only 18" tall and those hard wiffle balls bounce pretty well on plywood.

The stationary goal is harder too because the goal is only 9" in diameter. Basically, the variation from shooting a wiffle ball 5’ toward a goal is not much different than the variation from throwing a playground ball toward a goal farther away. The size of the goal has shrunk but not the variation in hitting the target. Also, shooting playground balls is very much akin to shooting a freethrow, it is a pretty familiar task. It is weird to shoot a 4" diameter wiffle ball, not impossible, but not natural either.

Net result, much lower shooting percentage.

We’ll see how this turns out.

Joe J.

Thanks for the information. Have you tried putting more of a spin on the ball when you shoot. like a top spin curve or a back spin or anything. It might help. If you can get the ball to knock around in the goal more, it will be less likely to bounce out. Can’t wait to see all the robots.